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Clinical Testing

Tired of waiting on the NHS for clinical tests?

At Secrets Medical Centre, We offer a range of clinical tests starting from just £50 and with results back in under 7 days! Our tests use a quick finger-prick, not a big, invasive needle! All tests go out to be lab tested, so you can finally get the answers you need!

What tests do we offer?

Essential Health Check (Recommended every 6 months) £70

Premium Food Intolerance £100

Junior Food Intolerance £100

Allergy Check £100

Cortisol Stress Test £60

CRP Inflammation Test £60

Thyroid Test £50

Menopause Test £60

Female Hormone Test £60

Female Fertility- £60

Male Hormone Test £60

Vitamin D Test £50

Cholesterol Test £50

Liver Function Test £50

Food Intolerance + Allergy test £180

Couples Food Intolerance Test £180

Couples Allergy Test £180

Parent and Child Intolerance Test £150

Family Intolerance Testing £350

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Want to book or have a question?

Fill in this form, select 'Health Screening' or call 01704 607 125!