In-House Dental Lab

Here at Secrets Medical Centre, we are in the unique position to have our own in-house dental laboratory, Southport Dental Services. SDS has been operating since 1971 and has delivered over 1 million products!

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Cheaper Lab fees

By having our lab services in-house, this helps cut down on cost of lab fees, which can be very expensive and make up a large percentage of treatment costs, for example, the lab fees for implants can run into thousands of pounds which increase the cost of your treatment, As our lab is in-house, we can afford to have cheaper prices for patients at Secrets Medical Centre.

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Quick and Reliable Communication

Another important aspect of having an in-house lab is communication with technicians, we have quick access to our technicians and constant communication from the practice. As some work requires try-ins, adjustments etc, having constant communication helps reduce the wait time for lab work to come back and minimizes the chance of any mistakes or misinterpretation.

Find out more at our Lab's website!