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National Stress Awareness Day: How you can manage stress!

Whether it’s work or juggling the balance of relationships and childcare, there are many lifestyle factors that can contribute to stress that can eventually lead to further mental health problems. Here at Secrets Medical Centre, we have a few tips and ideas that can help you to manage stress and feel your best self!

Alcohol and Wellbeing

Alcohol is a depressant, meaning it slows down neural activity. It can interfere with our mood, thoughts and behavior. There are close links between alcohol and mental health, including the use of alcohol to mask or reduce symptoms of mental-ill health, which can lead to dependency and cause further mental health problems. Understanding our relationship with alcohol can help us to monitor how it effects our mental health.

Work-life balance

Did you know that a year’s worth of lunch breaks equates to almost 6 extra weeks of annual leave? This is what Laura discovered when she decided to reclaim her lunch breaks for herself.Women- Stressed


The results were increased energy, happiness, and greater job satisfaction. Laura will help you identify the signs of “burnout” before they happen, and provide some practical tips for achieving a work/life balance, starting with walking away from your desk! Watch Laura’s full story here!   

Body Image

Body image can be a big cause of stress and anxiety for many, the rise of social media has led to many people trying to live up to impossible standards.

There are still ways individuals can help themselves to feel more positive about their body image:

  • Avoid or delete social media apps that make you feel distressed about how you look.
  • Be mindful of images you see on social media or in the media and how you feel about yourself when you look at them.
  • Model positive self-talk by treating yourself kindly, and speak to children and other adults kindly.
  • Don’t judge other people’s appearances – this will help you to treat yourself with compassion and a non-judgmental outlook too.
  • Be aware of how we use language with friends and peers relating to our bodies and the potential harm it could cause.
  • Reach out to your GP or local mental health service if you feel your experiencing a mental health problem.


Being more active regularly can help you burn off nervous energy, so it could be a way to for you to reduce stress. Many people think of exercise and think of running a marathon and give up before they start! but something as simple as a brisk 20 minute walk can have a big impact. similarly, playing a sport you enjoy such as tennis or boules can take you out into the fresh air and help reduce stress without thinking about it!

Positive thinking

Positive thinking can help with stress relief, it is important to take time to think about the good things in your life. Each day, try listing three things you are thankful for, no matter how small.

Plan ahead

Plan ahead for upcoming events that you know can trigger stress, creating a to-do list, planning your journey and listing things you will need to take- can help relieve stress.

Wellbeing- Go easy on yourself!

Many people feel the need to ‘push on’ or ‘buck up’ as the people around them are not feeling the way they are feeling. In reality, we are all built differently. As we go about our daily life, our brains are constantly working by passing messages across the 86 billion neurons in our brains. Neurons pass messages all over the body which allows us to do everything from breathing to walking to thinking. The gaps between these neurons are called synapses, when a message is being passed from one neuron to another, the gap fills with serotonin which carries the message. Serotonin acts as a hormone which regulates mood, a good amount of serotonin creates feelings of happiness and relaxation, too little serotonin can increase feelings of stress and anxiety. This shows that stress and they way people will deal with stress are different. So do not feel isolated if no one around you is feeling stressed, everyone is different, and that’s good!

Treat yourself!

There is no denying, life is stressful! Which is why it is important to treat yourself every now and again, have a look at some of our health and well being treatments such as our million dollar facials, studies have found that getting something as small as a facial, activates the sympathetic nervous system and reduces stress and anxiety just as much as a massage!

Image of women recieving laser treatment

If you need any help or advice to help with your mental health, speak to your GP or visit


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